Must-read book: “Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR”

I love reading PR Couture, a blog written by Crosby Noricks, a successful fashion public relations professional. The blog is a great resource for young professionals as it shares how to articles, interviews with other PR pros and job postings around the country. Last year, Noricks furthered her influence in the industry be releasing her first book, “Ready to Launch”. The book follows her start in the industry and shares helpful tips for finding your first internships and landing a position in the fashion industry. With sections titled, “How can I best present myself for ongoing career success?” to “Do I need to move to New York to work in fashion PR?”, Noricks dives into the basics for getting your foot in the door.

I enjoyed reading this quick-read because, despite already having numerous internship experiences, it reminded me of the importance of setting goals and networking. Reminding readers of the importance of developing relationships with other professionals in the industry, Noricks shares, “Maintaining, nurturing, and growing relationships with media, co-workers, partners, vendors and then leveraging those relationships on behalf of clients successfully is what sets you apart and builds you reputation. Relationships drive what you can accomplish…”

I highly-recommend this book to anyone looking to start their career – in fashion or not. It is a great guide to starting your profession and developing yourself into a strong job applicant.